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Snake Bytes: 7/22 -

The Diamondbacks will train in Anaheim today before heading to San Diego.

Baseball Offers Marte Respite

While on the field, Starling Marte can focus on baseball, setting aside the summer tragedy that flipped his family’s reality over and dropped it on its head.

MLB Doubles Camera Angels for Instant Replay

MLB is taking giants strides toward expanding the quality and utility of instant replay. More cameras will capture more footage from more angels, all with enhanced ability to control the camera from an improved and expanded replay studio in New York.

Baseball Execs Weigh In on 2020

Which star with a new team do they think will have the biggest impact? Will a star player be traded? Execs around the league were polled with these questions and more.

Blue Jays Seeking Temporary Home for 2020

In what comes as no surprise at all, Canada has chosen not to grant the Toronto Blue Jays an exemption to the country’s pandemic response that precludes travel from the United States. This leaves the Blue Jays in search of a home for the 2020 season. Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Buffalo have emerged as distinct possibilities.