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But It’s A Dry Hate v2.0: What do AZ fans think of other MLB teams now?

Do we still like the same ones?

Colorado Rockies v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Almost exactly ten years ago to the day, I published a poll on the SnakePit inviting members to rate all 30 MLB teams, on a scale from 1-9. The plan was to discuss the results of that poll the following Sunday. However, the following Sunday, Dan Haren got himself traded, and in the resulting kerfuffle, the results never seemed to make it onto the SnakePit. But I stumbled across the spreadsheet last week, and thought it might be interesting to re-run the poll, and see what (if anything) has changed in our opinions over the last decade. Providing we don’t trade Madison Bumgarner or something, expect the results of both surveys in about a week.

Certainly, a lot has changed over the past 10 years. It’s actually fascinating to look at the original article and see the pros/cons I came up with for each team. Yes, in those golden, halcyon days, I could actually come up with a whole paragraph of reasons in favor of the Dodgers. LOL in particular at “the Dodgers fans I’ve met have generally been pleasant.” I clearly hadn’t spent enough time on the cesspool of Twitter at that point. But look at the 2010 National League West. The Giants would win the division, two games ahead of... the Padres? What bizarro universe it this? They haven’t been above .500 since. Speaking of losing records, that year was also the last time Los Angeles had one.

Has my opinions of teams changed? Perhaps in some cases. I probably dislike the Yankees a bit less than I did in 2010, while the Cubs and Red Sox have likely slid the other way. But I imagine the team most likely to incur wrath is going to be the Houston Astros, for whom this poll could probably not have come at a worse time. They may not be hearing the wrath of opposing fans directly this year, but I don’t think that means they will either have been forgiven or forgotten. Anyway, the link below will let you rate all the teams, so let’s see what results, shall we?

Take the survey