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Snake Bytes: 7/18 Are We There Yet?

Does anyone else feel like Summer Camp is taking forever?

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Q & A with Archie Bradley

Arizona’s closer gives his thoughts on some of this season’s eccentricities.

Top Trade Candidate for Each Team

If a team is going to make a trade this season, who might be at the top of the list of themost likely to be traded?

Panic at the 12 Game Mark?

12 games will be a full 20% of the 2020 season. Is that the point at which some teams may need to start pulling the trigger on reloading for 2021?

ESPN’s Big Questions for 2020 (ESPN+)

Who are the league’s best defenders? WHo has the most to prove? Other questions are included.

Projecting Arizona’s 30-man Roster (The Athletic)

Ir is nearly time for Arizona to set its 30-man roster to open the season.

Astros Looking to First Amendment to Avoid Lawsuits (The Athletic)

The Houston Astros have deployed several legal defenses against lawsuits brought by aggrieved season-ticket holders angry over the sign-stealing scandal. But one of the team’s arguments is likely to surprise: that a First Amendment-inspired Texas law, designed in part to protect the media from lawsuits, also insulates the Astros.