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Snake Bytes: 7/15 - Post All-Star Rest, Oh, Wait...

This should be one of those sports-dead dates. Instead, sports leagues across the country are ramping up to (re)start in earnest.

Herges Impressed with Multiple Players in Camp

Pitching Coach Matt Herges has plenty of glowing reviews for players that are under his watchful eye during MB’s Summer Camp. A notable standout is Robbie Ray, who seems to have rediscovered some of his lost velocity.

Braves Sign Yasiel Puig

With Nick Markakis opting out and Freddie Freeman experiencing one of the more severe cases of COVID-19 being reported among players, Atlanta’s need for another bat was pretty clear.

Are These MLB’s Top-10 Bullpens?

While one may quibble that ERA+ is not the best metric, it is certainly hard to argue with some of these selections.

FG: 2020 SS Power Rankings

I get that Nick Ahmed’s bat and age work against him, but I still think ranking the Diamondbacks as having the 18th-best shortstop situation is being overly harsh and not taking into account nearly enough of what Slick Nick brings to the team.

FG: 22 C Power Rankings

The Diamondbacks come in at number 11 here. If Carson Kelly can find even a smidgen more BABIP luck, the sort that gets him to league average, that ranking could change for the better in dramatic fashion.