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Diamondbacks Intrasquad Scrimmage Gameday Thread #1

Your Diamondbacks! Moving around!

Arizona Diamondbacks Summer Workouts Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

For the first time since spring training came to an abrupt halt - what seems like an absolute age ago - fans of the Diamondbacks will be able to see the team in action tonight. For this evening’s intra-squad scrimmage at Chase Field is being broadcast online through Bob Brenly and Steve Berthiume will be bringing you the action, so it’ll be just like a regular season game! Well, except for the D-backs being on both sides, no fans in the stands, and the result being of no significance. There may not even be nine actual innings getting played. But, still, I must confess to being stoked for it.

Still trying to see exactly what the link will be for the broadcast. Sure it’ll show up on the website between now and whenever. Even if I wouldn’t necessarily expect the game will start on the dot. Now, let’s see if I can work out how to cast my phone to the television....