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Snake Bytes: 7/1 - Reporting Day

The first big phase of the 2020 season begins today.

KBO Preparing for Return of Fans

Korea’s top baseball league is awaiting government approval of their plan to start allowing fans back into the stands amid the coronavirus pandemic. It remains to be seen whether or not the uptick in cases in Gwangiu, home of the Kia Tigers will slow that approval down.

Padres, A’s Consummate First Post-Freeze Trade

Oakland sends speedy infielder, Jorge Mateo to San Diego in exchange for the well-travelled PTBNL.

Top “Summer Camp” Storylines

Some around the Pit may disagree, but MLB seems to think Arizona’s top story will revolve around deciding who replaces Mike Leake in the rotation.

Padres Chairman, Ron Fowler on 2021 FInances

We all knew this was coming eventually. San Diego’s Ron Fowler is now making sure that fans are prepared to brace themselves for the harsh realities of baseball club finances in the 2021 season as fallout from the realities of this season.