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D-backs Greatest Moments # 3: Archie Bradley’s Wild Card Triple

In this hot hitting and high scoring do or die game, relief pitcher Archie Bradley rocked an ear-shattering triple that we will always remember.

The last year the Arizona Diamondbacks appeared in the post season was 2017. Our beloved Snakes had been blessed with hosting the 2017 NL Wild Card game even after splitting the regular season series with The Rockies at 10 games each - but because we had scored more runs, home field advantage was given to the D-backs and us fans at Chase Field.

If you were at this game you will always remember what a roller coaster of a back and forth, sea-saw ride of highs and lows followed by ups and downs it truly was. Not one single moment, pitch, swing, or inning of that game was boring. If you were not on the edge of your seat with your heart beating out of the cage in your chest, then you were in a massive beer line watching one of the many screens shoulder to shoulder in the concourse area with TONS and TONS of fellow fans, and even some Rockies bros, going nuts with limitless excitement and endless thirst.

Now you may be asking yourself, “How did Archie Bradley come to the plate, and how in the HECK did he hit a triple?” And I would say that you ask too many questions, man, but here is how it all went down....

It’s the top of the 7th and the score is Rockies 4, D-backs 6, and with 1 out Jorge De La Rosa fields a bunt off the bat of Charlie Blackmon who is thrown out at 1st base, 1 run scores. Archie Bradley comes in to face DJ LaMahieu and ends LaMahieu and the top of the inning with a single pitch.

On to the bottom of the 7th and the Diamondback’s lead has been cut even shorter to just 1 run. Jake Lamb makes it on base with a single, Daniel Descalso walks with 1 out, followed by Jeff “Literally strikes out every time” Mathis striking out swinging. 2 out and 2 on board.

The Diamondbacks only have a 1 run lead at this point and cannot risk leaving 2 runners stranded. At a minimum, 1 of those runners has to score. Facing a team like the Rockies, a 1 run lead means absolutely nothing until the final out is called. Who will come off the bench to pitch hit? Who will scratch these necessary runs across? Who will save us?

Into the batter’s box steps ARCHIE MO##ER FU##ING BRADLEY. The crowd is going crazy, some stunned at the move to bat Archie, others loud with belief and hope. With 2 outs, and 2 strikes on Bradley, it happened..... The crowd is much quieter when Pat Neshek’s chin delivers the pitch. Archie drops down on his right knee during his reaching swing and makes contact, driving the ball to left-center field, gaping the defense with the ball landing just before the warning track!!! The crowd is going insane as the 2 runners score while Bradley slides safely into 3rd base immediately popping back up to his feet to the wild jubilation of the crowd.

Archie Bradley stood on his newly conquered base and removed his helmet all while giving the death stare to his team mates in the dugout and the surrounding fans. The crowd is screaming and the claps are thunderous. Bradley stood silent for a moment and absorbed our feelings. The mood inside the ballpark at this moment was nothing short of electric-bliss. Every Diamondbacks fan felt alive at that moment. No one sat, we all just kept high-fiving and screaming as if we had just crushed our enemies in one swift move. Then our new hero drew our attention once again and gave us our orders as he stood triumphantly on 3rd base. With a victorious roar and eyes on the home field crowd he yelled, “LET”S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!” It was now Rockies 5, Diamondbacks 8 and the #3 greatest Diamondback’s moment ever.

Everything that happened after this meant nothing. NOTHING. The D-backs went on to win the game and advance to the NLDS. Archie Bradley’s triple was all we talked about until we got our asses handed to us by Dodger-evil in the next 3 post season games. Archie Bradley’s triple is what we will always remember from the 2017 NL Wild Card game. Sure, we will also remember a few other things from that game, but bro......what about Bradley’s two-run triple? Fo’