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Snake Bytes 6/28: Baseball. Allegedly.

Label me skeptical.

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Major League Baseball Suspends Spring Training Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

[AZ Central] Torey Lovullo could be quick on trigger in shorter season - I’d like to think that the 2020 season, should it be played in it’s 60 game entirety, is going to feel a lot like a season with ADHD. Little patience and not much room for error.

[Arizona Sports] Nick Ahmed: D-backs’ short schedule adds intensity, is like college season -

“I’m not too concerned, personally,” [Nick Ahmed] said. “I just think we take the right precautions, the right protocols are set up. We have some testing in place. We do our best to keep our distance and wear the mask and things like that when we’re in close quarters. I think everyone will be OK. I’m in the personal opinion that you can’t just hide out in your house and hibernate your whole life. You do your best to mitigate the risk as best you can but there’s never going to be no risk at all.”

[Yahoo] MLB season could continue even if COVID outbreak forces teams to drop out - We’re supposed to take this season seriously if the D’backs, or any of their opponents, are missing two-thirds of their starting lineup?

If an outbreak of COVID-19 cases forces one or more of MLB’s 30 teams to drop out mid-season, the league will not necessarily be required to suspend the season or shut it down. According to a newly revealed passage in the agreement between MLB and the players union, commissioner Rob Manfred will decide if and when it is appropriate to suspend or cancel an individual game or the entire season. His decision will be based on several factors, including the “competitive integrity” of the game.

[ESPN] Texas Rangers staff say they are ‘terrified for our safety’ amid positive virus tests - I’d be terrified for my safety too if my office looked like a giant barbecue. How many of these employees have a job that needs to be done from the office? Hell, Dan Haren is one of the most important people on the D’backs support staff, and my understanding is that he primarily works from his home, pandemic or not.