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Snake Bytes 6/25: Baseball, Reporting For Duty!


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Diamondbacks News:

D-backs FAQ: Details on the upcoming season

This FAQ touches on topics such as: Who will serve as the DH? How can I watch the games? How are injured players doing?

Plus much more.......

Ken Kendrick advocates revenue sharing for avoiding conflict

“I think it would be very easy to see, had the revenue sharing model existed through this very bad period we’ve been in, we would have been spending our time not beating each other up over ‘I win, you lose,’ but we would have been working on, ‘How do we create revenues in a difficult environment that we will both benefit from?’” Kendrick said. “Things like the additional playoff games, like the patches on the uniforms. Players had aversion to some of those things. But if they were clear that they were going to get a defined piece of those dollars, I think they would have been way different in their mindsets about what to do and how to do it and how we would all benefit.”

Breaking down the Dbacks’ DH options

Lamb could see significant time as the DH, and Lovullo could use Escobar or Walker in the role some days to get Lamb on the field.

“I think, at times, I would have had my hands tied,” Lovullo said in May about the logjam at first and third. “We have three really good players who play two positions. [The DH] creates an extra spot, potentially. Yeah, it’s going to give me a ton of versatility. I don’t want to say what would have happened with Jake Lamb. He was going to fight for his playing time, he was going to earn his playing time. And I have no doubt he would have done that. He’s in a very good spot right now. But I feel like getting that extra spot is going to give us that ability to get those three guys a lot of at-bats.”

Win over/unders released for Dbacks, MLB teams nearing season

Here’s the full list of teams and their over/unders, via

Los Angeles Dodger-evil — 38.5

New York Yankee-scum — 38.5

Houston Astros — 35.5

Minnesota Twins — 34.5

Atlanta Braves — 33.5

Oakland Athletics — 33.5

Tampa Bay Rays — 33.5

Washington Nationals — 33.5

Cleveland Indians — 32.5

New York Mets — 32.5

St. Louis Cardinals — 32.5

Arizona Diamondbacks — 31.5

Boston Red Sox — 31.5

Chicago Cubs — 31.5

Chicago White Sox — 31.5

Cincinnati Reds — 31.5

Los Angeles Angels — 31.5

Milwaukee Brewers — 31.5

Philadelphia Phillies — 31.5

San Diego Padres — 31.5

Texas Rangers — 29.5

Toronto Blue Jays — 28.5

Colorado Rockies — 27.5

Pittsburgh Pirates — 25.5

San Francisco Giants — 25.5

Seattle Mariners — 25.5

Miami Marlins — 24.5

Kansas City Royals — 24.5

Detroit Tigers — 21.5

Baltimore Orioles — 21.5

Around Baseball:

New Rangers Ballpark get blasted by fans: ‘Sheet metal warehouse look’


Does Globe Life Field look better or worse than Chase Field?

This poll is closed

  • 7%
    Looks better, I would be proud to attend games there.
    (5 votes)
  • 64%
    Looks worse, at least Chase Field doesn’t look like a BBQ grill lid.
    (43 votes)
  • 28%
    Who the hell designed that thing?
    (19 votes)
67 votes total Vote Now

MLB submits plan to Canadian government to play in Toronto

Anna Maddison, a spokeswoman for the Public Health Agency of Canada, said Wednesday the restart plan is being reviewed.

“The resumption of activities in Canada must be undertaken in adherence to Canada’s plan to mitigate the importation and spread of COVID-19,” Maddison told The Associated Press.

“The Public Health Agency of Canada has received, and is currently assessing, a restart plan from Major League Baseball,” she said.

The 5 weirdest rules for the 2020 MLB season are:

No licking, no spitting, no touching, no yelling.....and the runner on 2nd base rule for extra innings.

Sounds a bit to me like pre-school level rules.

Baseball scrambles back into action among lingering concerns

As baseball scrambles to start an abbreviated season, the prevailing mood is one of nervous excitement.

“Is it a risk? Absolutely,” said Gardenhire, the 62-year-old manager of the Detroit Tigers. “There’s risk involved in this. We all know it, and we’re willing to go try to do this thing. I would never want to jump ship with my team, but we’re going to hopefully do everything right as far as protocol goes, and take care of each other and keep everybody healthy as best we possibly can.”

Off Topic Snake Byte:

Keeping your dog safe from rattlesnakes during the summer

“Make sure you check your yard before letting your dog out,” Belcher said. “Look in those places snakes are likely to be: against walls, under bushes. They’re not typically going to be out in the open. They’re trying to avoid predation as well. It’s a good idea to make sure you scan your surroundings, and keep your dog on a leash during hikes. When the weather is good for us to go hiking, it’s typically good for snakes to go hunting as well. So you really want to use caution, like making noise and being aware.”