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Meme Monday 5/4: QuarenMEME’d

also May the forth be with you, or something...

Today is May 4th, this the day that life in Phoenix will start to break from the soil and begin to stretch toward the sun. Previously closed retailers are now allowed to offer curb-side pickup and delivery. I suppose if you need a new sofa, now is the time to strike. However if you chose to continue your at-home isolation, please consider enjoying the memes below and please, allow time for the .gifs to load. Also consider creating some memes of your own and contributing them in the comments - except for Keegan who has been eliminated for crimes of blasphemy and heresy - Ahmed be praised.

The EXACT snack-pack Keegan packs for Turambar during a long hike.

Every time I hang out with Turambar....

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