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Snake Bytes: 5/30 - The Discord Continues

The players and owners have never appeared to be farther apart.

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Latest on Teams’ Plans for Minor League Play

In another example of everyone rowing in their own direction, the future is bleaker for some minor leaguers than others as some teams agree to pay their players through ASugust while others are making deep cuts.

Nightengale Optimistic for 2020 Season

I wish I shared Bob’s optimism, but he is relying on level heads to employ common sense to bring 2020 baseball to fruition.

Best Ever Draft Pick from Each State

The state of Arizona has had some giants of the game drafted from within its borders, but none bigger than the eventual Giant, Barry Bonds.

A-Rod, J-Lo Still Pursuing Purchase of Mets

It seems the power couple’s previous issues with buying the franchise did not completely sour them on trying to make a deal happen as it is being reported that the couple is looking to invest “hundreds of million” of their own money in the bid.

Stark to MLB: “Don’t drive off this cliff!” (The Athletic)

MLB and the MLBPA are fast approaching a point of no return which could irreparably harm the sport’s future.