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Snake Bytes: 5/23 - Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing

Lots of talk from all sides this week, but it seems we are still no nearer to baseball.

Diamondbacks Select Pete Crow-Armstrong in ESPN Mock Draft

Add ESPN to the growing list of outlets predicting the Diamondbacks to take the prep outfielder.

Choose Your Ace: Randy Johnson or Pedro Martinez

Two of the most dominant pitchers ever are compared head-to-head despite being opposite in almost every way. Randy was a tall, powerful lefty. Pedro was a small-framed, righty with possibly the best changeup ever. Who do you pick?

Best Glove on Each NL West Team

No bonus points for figuring out that Slick Nick represents the Diamondbacks.

Orioles Release 37 Minor Leaguers

Sadly, this is very likely the first strong indication of things to come for minor league baseball. Expect many more teams to start trimming or outright excising their lower-level minor league affiliates.

MLBPA Wants More Testing

While the MLBPA felt, as did many, that a number of the safety precautions proposed were a bit on the excessive side, one thing they felt was lacking was the amount of testing proposed. The number of tests and the lack of hot/cold hydrotherapy for recovery seem to be two of the biggest sticking points with the first half of ownership’s proposal.

MLB to Present Financial Plan to Players Tuesday

Ownership is expected to make the second half of their proposal, the financial half, on Tuesday. A previously leaked plan involved the owners and players sharing a 50/50 split of revenue, something the players said they were against. However, this will be the first time a firm financial proposal is actually presented for them to officially comment on.