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Small group workouts begin at Salt River Fields

But not the start of “Spring Training II”

Recently site member gzimmerm reported that a neighbor of his, a security guard at Salt River Fields, was called back to work in preparation for players to return working out.

While no official startup date has been agreed to and negotiations continues, ( Timeline Here ) I can report that a team spokesperson confirmed that the club started individual workouts for a small number of players today at Salt River Fields. This was cleared by MLB and per the spokesperson the team the team is following all of the leagues guidance and direction. These workouts will also take place at Chase Field starting tomorrow, as the club seeks to keep players separated as possible.

No word as to which players worked out at SRF today and who will be working out at Chase tomorrow .

The spokesperson emphasized that they are not close to playing yet. This is not the start of “Spring Training ll”. So the assumption here for me would be the team is trying to get out in front of keeping the players ready and sharp in anticipation of an agreement coming down sometime soon hopefully.

While there are still many issues to resolve with regards to Health and Safety and of course the ongoing fight over how whatever dollars generated will be split, it’s encouraging that players are able to work out and if there is a season, our team will be as ready as possible

Go D-backs !