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Snake Bytes: 5/20 - Still Nope

While no financials were part of the plan presented to the MLBPA, that doesn’t seem to be keeping finances from getting in the way.


Don’t Overlook These Four from 2001 Diamondbacks

Often overshadowed by the likes of Johnson, Schilling, Gonzo, and Kim, Arizona sported one of the best benches in baseball.

How MLB is Navigating the Pandemic

Finances aside, MLB still has numerous hurdles to clear before it can start playing games again. Though MLB has shown a willingness to engage with those issues, it is clear that they still have a long way to go.

Reopening MLB Needs more than Money and Tests

The MLB proposal that went to the MLBPA detailed various practices and procedures to protect the health and safety of those involved with the game. While comprehensive, it is clear that MLB is throwing darts at some of the problems. The proposal also raises numerous ethical issues, and not all of those are about the number of tests.

Latest on MLB/MLBPA Salary Dispute

Negotiations about pay are still not even part of the various proposals being floated about that would get baseball started up again, yet the non-negotiations stand squarely in the way of any progress towards a 2020 season.