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Snake Bytes: 5/16 Another Week Gone

Despite all the positive talk about MLB nearing decisions about playing games in 2020, the reality is, another week has passed and the calendar for potential games has shortened another seven days.

Zac Gallen Talks Pitching

Diamondbacks pitcher, Zac Gallen discusses each of the pitches in his repertoire; what they are, where they came from, and how he uses them.

Universal DH Could Benefit AAA Home Run Champ, Kevin Cron

It seems sort of a no-brainer that Cron’s name would be on the short list for players to fill the DH role for the Diamondbacks.

MLBPA Asks for Financial Records

While revenue sharing was not part of the recent proposal sent to the player’s union, it is known that ownership is interested in using the method to help alleviate some of the financial burdens of this season. The players have resisted, but now also want to see the books to see just how big the pie to be carved up really is.

MLB Suspends Revenue Sharing for 2020

MLB has suspended revenue sharing amongst the teams for 2020. The 48% sharing of game revenue is hard to manage in a season where ther is unlikely to be any actual gate traffic.

MLB to Hold Draft Remotely

In one of the common sense moves to work around the pandemic, MLB has now made it official that it will follow in the steps of the NFL and hold its upcoming draft remotely. This should not pose many hurdles as, the later rounds of the draft have been done remotely for years anyway.

Best Players to Never Win MVP

Some of the names on the list are a bit surprising. Others really aren’t.

Unexpected Inside the Park Home Runs

These 13 inside the park homers rank among the more unlikely to be accomplished. Sadly, the one I was expecting, Ron Cey’s round-tripper, did not make the list.