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Arizona Diamondbacks Jersey Week, Part 2: Road uniforms

Time to look at the kit worn by the D-backs outside of Arizona

Diamondbacks v Yankees

It’s Sports Jerseys Week across SB Nation, and there has been a treasure trove of articles from sports sites across the network looking at the best and worst uniforms out there. We started off on Tuesday with a review of the history of the D-backs’ home duds, and now it’s time to take a look at the traveling history of the Arizona Diamondbacks’ kit. As before, has proved an essential tool for tracking things down.


I decided to combine the first two incarnations here, since the only difference is, as on the home version, the replacing of the stirrup at the bottom with a solid block of color.


The road pinstripes were retained, but were now contrasted with black sleeves. The color of the number was also changed, from turquoise to the same purple as the jersey text. After 2002, the logo on the sleeve was ditched, but again, that doesn’t seem sufficient to justify a separate entry.


The big change, with the pinstripes being replaced by the road greys.


According to the official announcement, this was “a darker, bolder gray truly unique to baseball.” I think the main lesson to be learned is, just because something’s “unique”, doesn’t necessarily make it desirable... This was a season where I was doing Tweets of the Week, so was monitoring social media during. Every single road series, I heard about how terrible these were. Every. Single. Series. Slight tweaks followed the following year, as discussed in the home article.


The grey is considerably lightened. no longer leaving the team looking like they had just come off a shift at the coal-face.


  • Which is the best?
  • Which is the worst?
  • Which is your favorite (which may or may not be the best!)?
  • Do you have an emotional attachment to any of the above?

And some more questions for general discussion:

  • What was the first jersey you ever bought with your own money?
  • What’s your favorite jersey you own?
  • What other teams’ uniforms are your favorite?

And here’s the poll for best road unis...


The best all-time road D-backs uniform is...

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