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Snake Bytes 4/3: How’s the isolation going, folks?

In an alternate universe, the Diamondbacks are opening a series in Chicago today after starting the season with a perfect record

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Who will the D-backs Draft? Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

There continues to be a lack of news around the baseball world. With all transactions halted, and The Powers That Be awaiting decisions that are well outside their areas of expertise, not much is happening with the teams. The entire world is in a holding pattern, and baseball isn’t any different. There’s always something, though, and it’s below for your reading enjoyment

(AZ Central) MLB stadium rankings: Arizona Diamondbacks’ Chase Field among worst ballparks in baseball?

I guess Chase hasn’t been ranking very well in the annual round ups of best stadiums in baseball. One of the articles cited by AZ Central is from Fansided, where they say that despite being a modern stadium, it just isn’t aging well, and the media wall in center field is too big, ugly, and takes up too much potential seating. Completely unrelated to those notes, the gracefully aging Wrigley Field, where no one has ever had to pee in a cup because every single bathroom is out of order, is number one, and Fenway, which is definitely not home TO A GIANT WALL LITERALLY CALLED THE GREEN MONSTER, is number two.

( These Pitches Are Unique... And Nasty

Zach Greinke is in this article twice, and while I still think we got a great deal for him, I miss having him pitch for the Diamondbacks.

( Cole Making ‘Significant’ Donations to NYC Relief

“Being within arm’s length of this, with everybody in the tri-state area so heavily affected, we wanted to jump in and help as much as we could,” Cole told the Post. “It will be rolling along in the next couple of days as far as contributing to New York. As the crisis evolves, we kind of evolve. I trust the people who are in charge of these foundations to get what we are giving them exactly where it is needed the most.”

(Boston Globe) Agent Scott Boras proposes a ‘functional isolation’ plan to restart baseball

“In broad strokes, the plan would be for coronavirus-free players and staff — around 60 people per team — to gather in 30 separate bubbles of isolation at or near their spring training bases in Florida and Arizona. No families, no visitors; the team stays in one hotel near its spring training facility, shuttles back and forth together, and eats all meals at one of the two sites. Everyone is tested daily. Anyone who comes up positive for coronavirus is isolated until cleared.”

Assuming the current death rate in NY of 3% and that everyone would end up infected, which seems likely, that would result in 54 people dying, or to put it another way, almost an entire team under his plan.

Hope you all are staying safe out there. Wash your hands and please stay home!