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Snake Bytes 4/29: Another Day, Another Plan

Yet another plan has been revealed to restart the MLB season, this one with three self-contained divisions.

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The Three Division Plan

On one hand, this is the least extreme, most easily managed of the major proposed plans to restart Major League games. Tema would play in their own stadiums (without fans) and the logistical side of the game would see a significant reduction in its burden, as teams would play regular season games only against the nine other teams in their regional division. Since there would be no quarantine bubble in this plan, many of the impediments of other plans go away. Of course, the decision is still ultimately up to COVID-19 at the moment. But, this seems like the most viable and rational of of plans to be proposed so far.

Pirates Temporarily Suspend 401k Benefits for Ops Staff

Today’s baseball-related economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic brought to you by the Pittsburgh Pirates.

No Fans in Baltimore

With MLB considers various scenarios to play some sort of season without fans in attendance, it seems only appropriate to remember this day in baseball history, 2015. It was on that day that the Baltimore Orioles hosted the Chicago White Sox in a game at which no fans were allowed to attend. For safety concerns related to riots in the area, the league decided to close the game to the public. Two hours and three minutes later, the Orioles were 8-2 winners of a game where the players sitting in the dugout could hear the radio commentators in the pressbox.

Oakland Still Undecided on Finances (The Athletic)

The Oakland Athletics are the only major-league club yet to determine whether they will pay employees through May 31.One thing is known though, the team is seriously considering extensive layoffs.

The Five Managers Who Helped Build Torey Lovullo (The Athletic)

Given the personal touch that Torey Lovullo has brought to his managing style, it is hardly a surprise to see Sparky Anderson on this list. The Hall of Fame manager is joined by Gary Adams, Buck Rodgers, Lou Pinella, and Terry Francona.