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Snake Pit Sim Season: 4/29 - The Horror...

The first of four games without the services of Ketel Marte.

Before the game started, it was announced that Ketel Marte would be missing four games for his part in the previous evening’s bench-clearing incident. Alas, the bad news did not stop there. After getting off to an admirable, if unlikely, strong start to the season, Mike Leake was blown up by Houston, making it through only 2 23 innings of work. IN the first inning, the Astros nickle-and-dimed Leake, knocking out three singles and stealing a pair of bases. The trickle of bleeding continued into the third inning. By the time he was taken out of the game, the Astros had seven hits (six singles and a double) a pair of stolen bases, and were up 6-0 on the Diamondbacks.

On the other side of things, Josh James threw a gem of an outing. Through seven innings, James limited the Diamondbacks’ offense to zero runs with only a double by Merrill Kelly and a walk to Christian Walker to show for their efforts. Two hits and two walks by the Snakes in the eighth allowed them to hang three runs on James before he was done for the day, but it was too little too late.

The Astros were held quiet through the middle innings, but then managed to get to Alex Young in the seventh inning and then tagged Yoan López for a final run in the ninth.

The Diamondbacks are now 16-14, 3rd in the NL West.