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Snake Pit Sim Season: 4/27 Off-Day Statistical Recap

A lot has changed for the Diamondbacks since last time we checked in on the team.

After yesterday’s victory over the Reds, the Diamondbacks are now winners of nine straight games, all of them on the road. Although, the two games in Mexico City were, in fact, considered home games for Arizona, so I guess there is that. The last time we looked in on the Diamondbacks, the power rankings had them at 18 and falling. Now, nine games later, they sit in fifth in the power rankings. However, Arizona still sits in third in the NL West. The Giants had a good winning streak of their own and, only yesterday fell a half-game behind the division-leading Dodgers.

This week, the position players are sorted by WAR, while the pitching is sorted by ERA+.

Carson Kelly continues to prove that his 2019 “breakout” was no fluke. Meanwhile, it would be generous to say that both Ketel Marte and Nick Ahmed are struggling a bit in the opening month of the season.

On the pitching side of things, while it has been something of an adventure, Archie Bradley is perfect on the season, having not allowed a run while saving eight games. Meanwhile, Robbie Ray continues to somehow find success despite having some very poor peripheral numbers.