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Snake Bytes 4/22: Another Light News Day

Sure, they are all light these days, but some are lighter than others.

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Fans Sue Over Ticket Refunds

Some fans in New York have begun suing baseball over ticket refunds and are asking to be allowed to form a class action.

A-Rod, J-Lo Retain J.P. Morgan in Possible Bid to by Mets

Does anyone else think that Rodriguez is still trying just a bit too hard to be like Derek Jeter? A-Rod may want to wait until the above mentioned lawsuits have been settled before he lets Wilpon take him tot he cleaners.

Jordan had MLB Offer
With all the attention the recent docu-series about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls has garnered, tales of Jordan’s earlier years are starting to resurface, including one that indicates he could have suited up on a 25-man roster during his hiatus.

Updating Another Simulated 2020 Season (The Athletic)

For those with a subscription to The Athletic, this one is worth the read. This sim involved a liver person running each team and there have already been a number of eyebrow raising moves made that have changed the outlook of things. This includes a trade which sent Robbie Ray and Daulton Varsho to the Pirates.

The NY Times 1983 Review of Umberto Eco’s ‘The Name of the Rose’

With so much time being spent at home, many people are looking for reading suggestions. This is one work of fiction that has a bit of somethign for almost everyone.