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Snake Bytes 4/21: The Lack Of Baseball

We were supposed to be in Atlanta this week experiencing a different ballpark but...

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Minnesota Twins v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

[The Rattle] Case to be the ace: Madison Bumgarner - Some people buy expensive vehicles with no intentions on ever driving them. Left parked in the garage only to collect dust. That’s a piss poor analogy in what the D’backs have with Madison Bumgarner as this is through no fault of their own. Side note, I thought for sure I would have seen MadBum roping cattle in Yarnell yesterday. Poser.

[CBS Sports] MLB discussing three-state plan with one hub in Texas as possible solution to start 2020 season - Meh. Not quite hosting teams in clustered regions, but pretty close to it. Difficult for me to take any of these proposals seriously. However, the league might be getting more desperate by the day as financial losses cut deeper. There is still the issue of players not being thrilled about being isolated from their families.

[ESPN] Louisville Slugger furloughs staff, closes factory and museum - So I take it building baseball bat forts wasn’t an acceptable alternative?

[USA Today] Fans sue MLB, teams over ticket money, ask for class action - This is a weird one because the Googles tell me that Ticketmaster has made an about face and is giving refunds for postponed and cancelled events, but only concerts are specified with no mention of sporting events. I’m curious if the threat of a class action lawsuit, which I’d imagine would be a slam dunk case for the plaintiffs, prompted this change from the company. That’ll be $310 please.