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Snake Bytes 4/18: Patience is Key

Baseball in 2020 is not quite dead yet, but it still has to be careful not to try coming back too soon.

Playoff Teams in Shortened Seasons
Took get some idea of what a shortened 2020 season playoff bracket would look like, ESPN takes a look at the past few years and what the playoff picture would have looked like in a shortened season.

Edwards No-Hit Twice in MLB The Show

Carl Edwards Jr. is having a rough go of things in the tournament.

MLB The Show Players League Rankings

Arizona’s Jon Duplantier is one of a number of players with a .500 record at 4-4.

Dream Bracket Match-ups

One of the most interesting match-ups in the bracket has the Big Unit staring down the Sultan of Swat.

Local TV Revenue Estimates

Fangraphs’ Craig Edwards tries to give a clearer look at what each team is bringing in via the various RSN deals that have reshaped the sport.