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Snake Bytes: What day is it?


Major League Baseball Suspends Spring Training Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Another week has gone by. Not much has changed, but at the same time, the more time passes, the more cemented these new normals will become. Some are chafing more against the Stay-At-Home orders, while others are starting to talk about “acceptable losses,” which to my ear sounds like the quote frequently attributed to Stalin, “One death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic.” I have many more thoughts on this, but this isn’t the website for it. We’ll move on then

MLB News

(NBC Sports) Sources: Cubs one of three MLB teams not to participate in coronavirus study

The team was unable to resolve questions from their medical teams in time to provide consent. Also not participating were the Blue Jays, since they are not a US based team. No word on who the third team was.

(CBS Sports) Oakland Athletics minor league manager taken off ventilator as he recovers from coronavirus

In my opinion, this article points to a huge flaw in the plan to start MLB back up by locking the entire teams in a hotel. Not everyone associated with a team is a 25 year old in the peak of health. Coaches, training staff, and stadium support staff frequently fall into the high risk category simply by age alone, and even when you recover, its often 3+ weeks intense recovery.

(Time) Missing Baseball? Taiwanese Games Are Now Broadcasting in English. Here’s How to Watch Live

In an attempt to raise the profile of Taiwanese baseball, Eleven Sports network is streaming home games for one Taiwanese team, the Rakuten Monkeys, live on Twitter with English commentary—for free. Simply visit the Eleven Sports on Twitter.

( D-backs raise $15,352 during 50/50 Raffle, which will continue weekly during Throwback Thursday classic games on Fox Sports Arizona

Each week, the 50/50 Raffle will launch on Friday at 10:00 a.m. and run through the following week’s replays, with the drawing being held on Thursday evenings, three hours into the D-backs Throwback Thursday Classic games broadcasted on FOX Sports Arizona.

Stay safe everyone