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Snake Bytes 4/15: Jackie Robinson Day

On this date in 1947, Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier when he took the field for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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MLB’s Guide to Jackie Robinson Day 2020

While today won’t feature 15 games of Major League baseball being played by teams of men all wearing #42, MLB still intends to spend the day honoring the legendary Dodger, Jackie Robinson.

Manfred: Coronavirus and Public Health Will Dictate Return of Baseball

For all the talk from Governors to the President about re-opening the economy, MLB has its own, unique problems that need to be addressed before it can get back to the business of baseball. As much as staying shut down is hurting, economics will not be the dictator of how or when baseball returns.

Arizona-Florida Plan Solves Issues, Creates Others

There is a lot to like about the Arizona-Florida plan for resuming baseball activities. It addresses many of the concerns raised by the All Arizona Plan. However, the two-sate plan creates a number of its own issues, throwing some cold water on any excitement about any sort of immediate resumption of baseball.

The Mookie Betts Trade in a Canceled Season

If the 2020 season is completely canceled, there will be all sorts of unfortunate consequences - for players and owners both.

The Long, Uphill Battle for Christian Walker to Finally Arrive

The actual title of the piece emphasizes how Paul Goldschmidt was successfully replaced by a waiver claim. I prefer to acknowledge just how tough Christian Walker had to be to make it through all the roadblocks that got thrown up in his way, only to come out better for it on the other side.

Diamondbacks Mental Skills Coaches Helping Players Cope with Isolation (The Athletic)

Even many professional athletes need help coping with the stresses caused by the isolation orders that are part of the pandemic response.

‘I was terrified out there’: Travis Lee, the Yips, and Retirement (The Athletic)

Had he never given the interview, it is unlikely anyone would have ever found out that one of the best defensive first basemen for a decade of baseball found himself retiring early because of the yips. YEt, that is apparently what happened to the very first Arizona Diamondback.