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Snake Bytes 4/11: More Fun with Baseball Simulations

As the world waits for these difficult tomes to pass, players turn to video games to keep both themselves and the fans entertained.

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MLB’s Hardest THrowers Paying a High Price

Luis Severino, Chris Sale, and Noah Syndergaard are among the league’s hhardest throwers. They also have all succumb to career-threatening injuries to their pitching elbow.

Health Experts Weigh in on Arizona Plan

Ownership and players can have all the talks they want about how to conduct a season in 2020. In the end, it is still going to come down to the health experts to coming to an agreement on how to play safely.

Players League Underway

To fill the baseball void, players from each MLB team are competing in a MLB The Show tournament. Jon Duplantier is representing the Diamondbacks.

How the “Little Guy” Could Sink the Arizona Plan

The logistics of playing in a bubble get much more difficult once considerations beyond players and coaches become involved.

Players Push Back on Arizona Plan

As much as many players want to get the season started and as much as they would like to return to making those MLB salaries, many players are unconvinced that the Arizona plan could work, or that it is the way to go, even if it is decided that the plan could work.