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Snake Bytes 4/10: Another day, another crazy plan

MLB seems to be stuck on the bargaining phase of grief

Los Angeles Dodgers v Kansas City Royals Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Oh look, it’s Friday. Guess I should probably do one of these. Not a whole lot to report as usual recently.

(Bleacher Report) Report: MLB Considering Realigning into Florida, Arizona Leagues Amid COVID-19

While this makes a smidgen more sense than all 30 teams here in Arizona, several of the main concerns still remain. I don’t think playing a bunch of games outside in Florida is a better choice than playing them all outside here in Arizona, for example, and I still don’t think that players are going to agree to be completely sequestered from their families and friends for four and a half months.

(Arizona Sports) D-backs’ Derrick Hall: Resuming MLB season will require time

(Arizona Sports) D-backs’ Nick Ahmed: Idea to put MLB teams in AZ is still far off

I do have to question, however, if these reports of plans to resume the season might be being stated more urgently by the media than they are being discussed by the MLBPA and Commissioner's office. Here you have both the Diamondbacks CEO and Player’s Rep saying essentially the same thing: baseball is a long way from actually happening.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print, or something. So tell me, with the extra free time many of us have, is there an old hobby that you’ve picked back up to fill the time? For example, I’m considering getting out my old violin again. What have you been up to?