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Snake Bytes 4/1: No Joke, Still No Season

Not too many people making jokes on this particular April Fools’ Day.

Diamondbacks Top-5 First Basemen

The only real question about this poll was who would land in slots 2-4. I was mildly surprised to see that Tony Clark didn’t make the cut but that CoJack did.

2020 Season Likely to Start in Empty Stands

I’m not sure how I feel about this one. With the updated restrictions in place, the Blue Jays will be unable to participate in a season before June 30th. That pushes the start of the season itself to mid-July - at best. The window for fitting in any sort of meaningful season is starting to close. Maybe playing in front of empty stands gets the season launched a couple weeks earlier than it would otherwise, but I still have my doubts. Things are not exactly going smoothly in Japan.

MLB Cancels 2020 London Series

Surprising exactly no one, MLB has officially cancelled the London series between the Cubs and Cardinals.

Experts Draft Using All-Time Top-10 Draft Picks

This fun exercise resulted in some very peculiar teams.

A Strange Fact for Every Team

The story for the Diamondbacks is something of Arizona legend, but there are still some interesting nuggets in here.