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Saturday Sporcle: Relief pitchers of the Diamondbacks Decade

Are you sitting comfortably? Than we’ll begin

Arizona Diamondbacks v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

180 of you took on the starting pitcher challenge last week, with an average score of 33%. Two people actually notched all 58 men listed, which is kinda scary. Zack Greinke just edged out Robbie Ray for the most well-known, both surpassing 93%, with Patrick Corbin not far behind that pair. Unsurprisingly, the one-start wonders generally proved toughest, though 24% of you remembered The One That T.J. McFarland Started, with slightly lower numbers for the solitary outings of Matt Andriese (17%), Kris Medlen (13%) and Jarrod Parker (11%). Least well-remembered? Zack Kroenke, remembered by only three people. Edwin Escobar was also named by fewer than a handful of people.

I fear we may have broken Sporcle. Because their interface only allows me to go up to 20 minutes as the time allotted. Considering you have 115 names to come up with here, this is going to end up being as much a speed test as anything. I fear I will have to abandon my plan for the Mother of All Sporcles next week, asking you to list everyone of any kind who appeared in a game for the D-backs in the 2010s. Because 20 minutes would barely be enough to get you started, I fear... Anyway, have at it. Note that this covers everyone to appear in relief, including starting pitchers or even position players pushed into emergency duty. And the word you are looking for is “Rosa”. :)

Below is the quiz, or here’s the link. I’m not going to set a score, since merely attempting this one makes you all right in my book...