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Meme Monday 3/30: Turn(er) It Up!

A roast of Justin Turner - one of the most annoying opponents of the Diamondbacks

For me it’s his constant crying, or how it seems he usually is. Barking at the umpire from the dugout or on twitter pouting for his fellow players whose names have been thrown around in trade rumors and the uncertainty that comes along with it - “it’s NOT FAIR!”, as he would say. Well BOO HOO - Are you that soft? Turner WANTS to be a leader, and to me a leader leads. He does not whine or cry or make noise for the sake of being heard.

You know what else grinds my gears? Turner literally stands on the plate when he is at bat, or hangs over the plate and then makes absolutely no effort to get out of the way of any pitch resulting in numerous HBPs. A solid strategy or utter douche-baggery? Meanwhile he is glorified for it while our very own Tim Locastro is HBP no matter where he is in the box all while he attempts to dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge every pitch that results in a HBP.

I watched Turner this Spring training with all of his cockiness and attempted swagger in effort to make himself out to be a pop star @ Camelback Ranch. Don’t forget Turner, your team was trying to replace you this off season with World Series Champion 3rd baseman Anthony Rendon, and could have easily picked up Machado the off season prior, replacing you then with an even more douchy pop star wannabe.

I have to give credit to NikT for the screen-grab of Turner and his comb-over below.

Enjoy this Meme Monday roast of Justin Turner, the 3rd baseman (for now) of Dodger evil.