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Snake Bytes 3/27: Still No Baseball

Opening Day has come and gone, but we remain in the cold, dark offseason

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MLB Opening Day Postponed Due To Coronavirus Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Normally, for millions of baseball fans, yesterday would have been a day of excitement and hope. Instead, it was a day of continued silence and questions that remain unanswered. Despite everything still going on in the world, baseball did bring some hope, and there were some answers. We’ll start with the hope, because I think we can all use more of that right now.

(The Athletic) Dan Haren holds bobblehead auction to ‘help people who really need it’

Former Diamondbacks pitcher and current Diamondbacks pitching coordinator has taken inspiration from the ongoing crisis to do some good in the world. He is currently auctioning off his bobblehead collection, along with personalized notes to go along with them, and giving the proceeds to two very worthwhile charities that are being impacted by the pandemic.

( Fanatics to make medical gear instead of baseball uniforms

Fanatics and MLB have agreed to suspend manufacturing of baseball uniforms during this crisis and re-purpose the factory to make medical equipment for those on the front lines of the pandemic. Hopefully they will choose which fabrics to use very carefully. The country can’t afford losing this pandemic fight simply because a doctor or nurse was wearing a Marlins or Oriole’s jersey...

In addition to hope, we also got a few answers of what things will look like when and if baseball does return this year, thanks to an agreement between the MLBPA and the Commissioner's office

(USA Today) Major League Baseball, players union reach tentative agreement to salvage 2020 season

The two sides would like to play at least 100 games, with the hopes of playing as many as possible, scheduling regular-season games through October and including weekly doubleheaders. They have also discussed the idea of expanding the current playoff format to help offset the loss of income, while acknowledging that if cold weather becomes an issue in November, they could move the World Series and playoff series from cold-weather cities to a neutral site.

Translation: THERE WILL BE BASEBALL ON MY BIRTHDAY FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!! Probably at Chase Field, no less!

And finally, a little bit of fun. Local Twitter celebrity, Clue Heywood, had spent all off season planning on live tweeting Opening Day. He didn’t let the fact that Opening Day never happened stop him

@ClueHeywood Live Tweets a Non-Existent Opening Day

Stay safe and stay kind, everyone