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Snake Bytes, 3/23: Staying indoors

Me and the animals both.

Livestock breeding in Altai Republic, Russia Photo by Kirill Kukhmar\TASS via Getty Images

I came home last Tuesday night, carrying my computer equipment from work. Since then, the only times I have been past the end of the drive have been a few walks around the block to stretch my legs. I’ve been working from home, and all entertainment options have also been in-house. So far, it hasn’t been too bad. I’ve had plenty of things to do, and my main concern - that’d I balloon to 300+ pounds - hasn’t materialized. Indeed, I have actually LOST weight. I think the lack of eating out is a significant contributor, as those dinners were certainly more calorific than the ready meals I am now popping in the microwave. We can probably survive 2-3 weeks of what we have in house, so that’s good.

Mrs. S is still going in to her job, but I can see that potentially ending since the main tenants in the building where she works are ASU, and they don’t appear likely to be showing up any time soon. I think we’re probably both more concerned about our respective parents. Both our mothers are in care homes, which have understandably gone into lockdown at this point, not allowing visitors in. We’re trying to keep in touch by phone, and everyone seems well to this point. But the odds are that someone is going to end up catching COVID-19 eventually, and with all three of our surviving parents in their mid-eighties or older... Well, you’ll understand our concern.

Baseball news? It’s basically non existent at this point, with everyone simply in a holding pattern for now. Paul Goldschmidt sold his house in Arizona for $2.4 million, so there’s that. I guess he’s not coming back, folks... :( But on the plus side, Yasiel Puig is still unemployed. He apparently turned down a one-year, $10 million offer from a National League team earlier this winter. Bet he’s regretting that about now. It was reported that the Giants were interested at some point, so he might be returning to the NL West, which would be nice for hate purposes. Sure he’d be lots of fun on the moribund Giants!

I did spend most of yesterday watching ESPN 2 which, due to the lack of real sports, turned itself into ESPN Ocho for the day (that’s a reference to the sports channel in Dodgeball, in case you were wondering), showcasing weird and wonderful sports. It was probably the most ESPN I’ve watched in a decade, including such pastimes as marble racing, death diving, slippery stairs and dodge juggling. The last should be in the Olympics: teams of five, one juggler and four dodgeballers. Make the other team’s juggler drop a club to score a point. Turns out, a guy I used to work with was one of the top dodgeballers in the country, so amusing to see him on the broadcast.

Of course, feel free to use the comments as an open thread, tell us how you are keeping up with everything.