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Snake Bytes 3/19: The News of The Day

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Draft Kings - 2020 Team Preview: Arizona Diamondbacks

I am not a gambling man but I know some of you are. Check this Draft Kings article out and place your money on......whatever you like - it’s your money.

Diamondbacks will help minor league players with one-time payment.

“I was getting to that point where I was starting to worry a lot about it,” Shannon said. “It’s not life-changing money, but it’s going to help a lot. It’s going to help a whole lot.”

The Diamondbacks, who had around 200 players in minor league camp, are cutting checks for $1,000 for players who had been staying in the team hotel during spring training and $1,500 for those who had been living elsewhere. Players also are continuing to receive their weekly spring training per diems of about $300.

Salt River Fields to close - Team moves to Chase Field

“We were notified today that Salt River Fields will be closing,” Hazen said. “So we are going to be suspending operations there and, for the 40-man players, we will be transitioning operation down to Chase [Field] to continue to provide an avenue for guys if they need it. I don’t know exactly what that’s going to look like. We are getting our arms around the logistics of that now.”

“We have spent time addressing the cleanliness of Chase Field this whole time, or at least in the very recent past here since this has become a very pressing topic and issue,” Hazen said. “We will have the same standards that would have applied at Salt River.”

Dbacks, Torey Lovullo face everyday challenge with CV.

“Of course. This situation doesn’t pick and choose the people that are going to get the food,” Lovullo said. “I’m just like everybody else. My wife went to the store at 6 o’clock yesterday morning to get as many items as she possibly could and there’s limitations for us, too. We’re affected by this.” “It’s still something that we are all getting used to. But my family is exactly the same as everybody else in this situation.....

MLB may skip draft this year to keep costs down.

Major League Baseball is considering skipping its amateur draft this year and putting off the next international signing period as a way to preserve cash while games are affected

Revisiting the last time an MLB season was shortened.

It’s a Yankee-scum SB Nation article - but it checks out.

Tommy Pham frustrated with MLB amid CV pandemic.

“I didn’t put all of the work I did in the offseason to be sitting around right now.’’ “But you look around, I got friends in the NHL, they’re getting paid. The guys in the NBA are getting paid. How’s it going to look if we’re the only major sport, and the richest sport bringing in the most revenue ($10.7 billion last year), and we’re the only ones not getting paid?’’

What a massive tool - lots of people are NOT getting paid right now and homie made $4.1 million last season.


Is Tommy Pham’s frustration legit?

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    No, suck it up like the rest of us
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  • 32%
    Who the hell is Tommy Pham?
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Off Topic Snake Byte - Snakes make good food.

Snake farming therefore provides a resilient livelihood in the face of economic volatility and the extremes of Climate Change.