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Snake Bytes 3/18: Dreary Day

Today and tomorrow are two more days where it seems quite likely that there would have been some rainouts on the Cactus League schedule.

MLB Clubs Pledge $30 million to Ballpark Employees

MLB has announced that each team is contributing $1 million to a fund being established to help assist the ballpark employees who are currently out of a job because of the shutdown of baseball activities.

Second Yankees Minor Leaguer Tests Positive

The team reports that, while under self-quarantine, the player began to show symptoms and so was tested. The player has returned to self-quarantine to weather the storm.

Justin Verlander Undergoes Groin Surgery

After an unsuccessful attempt to rehab a groin injury, Verlander has chosen to undergo surgery to correct the problem. Given the current minimum delay to the season, Verlander is expected to be ready for opening day.

How Many Games Can MLB Realistically Play?

Using some table napkin math and historical precedents, the folks at Fangraphs give a look to a few different scenarios trying to figure out just how many games might actually be possible this season.