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Some Info on Credit/Refund for Single-Game Tickets

A phone call from our D-backs ticket rep reveals some information.

I received an email from my usual ticket rep asking that I call him back regarding my opening day tickets. Aside from sounding drained, likely from fielding and making many phone calls about the subject, he was in good spirits and of course extremely professional.

He shared they do not know when the season will start, who our opening day opponents will be, or how many games the team will actually play during the now postponed regular season. Info we likely knew or could deduce on our own.

I indicated that I would hold on to my opening day tickets and just apply them however I could for the NEW opening day, once the season started. He let me know that was obviously an option, though the same seats may not be available as someone else may already have those seats for that game but that I would be taken care of and get seats. This would constitute as a credit toward that game - whenever it may be - this new opening day. Info which could indicate that the new opening day will be against a team other than the Braves and that the beginning of the season would be chopped-off, so to say. No longer postponed, but now shortened picking up where the already decided season schedule is at that time - whenever that may be. A quick google search shows vivid seats selling May 15th tickets, Nationals v Dbacks at Chase Field.

He reported that fans traveling from out of town would be offered refunds for single-game tickets if that was their request.

If you have questions about your season tickets or single-game tickets it is best to contact your rep or the Diamondbacks box office.

As a fan of the team and the sport of baseball I am practicing patience with regard to the money I have locked up in tickets. I have always been treated more than fairly by my rep and the D-backs in general when it has come to credit on tickets. I assume all of us will be taken care of in some way, but things appear to be fluid, and results could depend on how much you are willing to escalate your demands.

Those of you who have contacted your rep, or the box office, please share your results and experience below in the comments for those who would like more information.

To get the latest updates from the Diamondbacks it’s advised to check daily. Below is a message from Diamondbacks President Derrick Hall.