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Snake Bytes 3/14: Weekend Late Edition

Unsurprisingly, there is very little to report today. Still, it is nice to have a daily open thread for us to all discuss what is going on to support each other through this difficult time. CORVID-19 and baseball withdrawals can lead to some anxiety-inducing moments. Or they could at least lead to boredom.

Here is some not entirely new, but still relevant baseball related news for today.

Updates for all 30 Teams

Here is a snapshot of how each of the 30 clubs is approaching the opening days of this delay.

Baseball Season Unlikely Before May

Surprising absolutely no one at this point, Ken Rosenthal is reporting that meetings between Rob Manfred and Tony Clark look to be placing the start of the season no early than the beginning of May. Given that, the longer the suspension of activities last, the longer pitchers will need to work back up to game-ready status, late-May does not seem entirely unlikely.

Players Advised to Leave Spring Training Facilities

The suspension of MLB activities is going to be long enough that players are now being advised to leave their spring training facilities. For many, this will mean returning home to be with family.