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Snake Bytes 3/12: Rain Delay

More rain threatens Thursday’s spring training games across the Valley.

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So thirstyyyyyyy!

Diamondbacks News:

Diamondbacks lineup taking shape but Torey Lovullo say’s he’s still juggling.

“Maybe I’m over-evaluating and overthinking it, which I can do from time to time, but I’m trying to get some strength inside of our lineup that’s going to walk into some really good match-ups for us,” Lovullo said. “…I have to be careful where I put those lefties.”

David Peralta seems to be a bit more confident, “From the leadoff guy to the (number eight) hitter, I’m pretty sure that if I were (a pitcher) on the other team, I’d be like, ‘Wow, what am I going to do?’” Peralta said. “If I walk Starling, I’ve got Ketel. OK, if I get by Ketel I’ve got Escobar. If I get Escobar, there’s myself. Then I’ve got Christian and Lamb and Calhoun and Nick – it’s not easy. We’re going to be tough.”

Pitching coach Matt Herges reveals dark past: Steriod use and crossing the picket line.

“It was so hard. I get a chance to play for Tommy Lasorda. And if I don’t do this, I don’t have a chance to be a Dodger in the future? Why wouldn’t I do this?

New catcher Stephen Vogt has executed a balancing act this Spring.

“I’ve been fortunate with some results early in camp,” Vogt said. “I feel really good, but my number one job right now is getting to know these pitchers and working on my defense. I think that might be why I’m having some success at the plate, because I’m not really thinking about it a whole lot. At this point in my career, I’ve figured out a routine to focus on both and separate the two.”

“I make sure I get my weight room, my video, my defense, my cage work and catching as many bullpens as I can,” Vogt said. ”Having as many conversations with pitchers as I can about the games. So much of the pitcher-catcher relationship happens outside of playing together. It’s inside the dugout or wherever just getting to know them as people.”

Around Baseball:

It’s time for MLB to suspend spring training, delay the start of the season due to coronavirus.

ESPN’s Jeff Passan reports MLB has a conference call scheduled for Friday to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic, but given the rate of the outbreak and growing panic around the country, Friday is too far away. This is not a can to kick down the road.

“There are things bigger than baseball and this is something that we need to take very seriously,” Cubs star Kris Bryant told The Athletic’s Patrick Mooney on Wednesday. “Baseball’s in a different spot just because we haven’t actually started our season yet, so MLB and everybody can really nail this. I don’t know what’s on the table — no fans, delay the season. I just think people’s safety is the utmost importance right now.”

Sports leagues overreact by banning reporters over coronavirus.

“It’s a little weird,” Archie Bradley said of the clubhouse. “Less crowded, for sure.” Archie

MLB reportedly looking at different sites for games; Mariners, Giants alter schedules.

Diamond writes:

This could take on several forms, these people said. Teams could play at other MLB stadiums in cities less affected by the crisis, when its primary tenant is on the road. They could stay at their spring training facilities in Arizona or Florida and stage regular-season contests there, since those places are experienced at hosting major-league games. Baseball has even received outreach from outside parties with facilities large enough to host MLB teams if they can’t play at home.

MLB 2020: Ranking teams under the most pressure with Yankee-scum, Dodger-evil thinking title or bust.

D-backs are ranked 22nd with; It’s hard not to love what Diamondbacks GM Mike Hazen has done the last few years. He’s rebuilt the MLB roster on the fly and improved the farm system, putting Arizona in position to contend in both the short- and long-term. I’m not sure any contender faces less pressure in 2020. Sure, the D-Backs want to win now. Of course they do. But they’re set up to contend for many years to come as well. The window is just beginning to open.

Off Topic Snake Byte:

Ireland reports it’s 1st venomous snake byte in it’s history.

The bitten man’s condition is unknown; a media representative for the hospital did not respond to a request for an update.

With the luck (and medical care) of the Irish, hopefully he will be feeling better by St. Patrick’s Day.