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SnakePit Fantasy Baseball rides again

Who’s in?

FOX’s “Family Guy” - Season Fourteen

We’re opening the doors again for SnakePit Fantasy Baseball, now in its sixteenth season. As usual, there are two divisions. The first, the Premier League is already almost full (more on that later), but Division 1 is open signups.

  • There will be 16 spots available; the first 16 people to speak up in the comments will get these, with anyone after that point being on the waiting list, in case anyone in the first batch doesn’t respond to their invitation.
  • Speaking of which, make sure the email address on your SnakePit profile is up to date, because that’s where the invitation will be going.
  • We would like one participant to volunteer to be Commissioner of Division 1, run the draft, etc. Having a level head, not getting irritated and being somewhat organized would be helpful. Prior experience of running a league is ideal but not essential.
  • Yahoo Sports is the provider of choice. It would probably make sense for Div 1 to be the same set-up as the Premier League: 5x5 standard rotisserie categories, head-to-head, snake draft. But that’s up to the Commissioner.
  • I sent an invitation to the Premiership to the Division 1 champion. They haven’t responded yet, so if I don’t hear back in 48 hours, I’ll move on to the runner-up, and so on down until someone accepts the invite! Those will go to your Yahoo Fantasy email address.

Any questions, ask away. Otherwise? Let the games commence...