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Saturday Sporcle: Left fielders of the Diamondbacks Decade

David Peralta. And, then... Quite a lot of people, actually.

Arizona Diamondbacks v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

The third-base quiz proved to be a real stumper, with the average score coming in at a mere 30%. Nobody got all 35 starters at the position in the 2010’s, and fewer than 10% managed even to get past the teens and into the twenties. Unsurprisingly, Jake Lamb was the most well-remembered player at the hot corner, listed by all but six of the 194 people who took the challenge. Eduardo Escobar was also north of 90%, and impressively, almost 60% of you correctly recalled that Ketel Marte did make one start at third-base, on Independence Day 2017. Not stabbing in the dark there at all, I’m sure. :) Most forgotten? That goes to Nick Evans, whose name was recalled by just four people.

This week’s challenge is a bit of a chunker, given that almost fifty men started at left-field for the Diamondbacks in the 2010’s. Eighteen of those started fewer than a handful of time there, so you will be forgiven for simply throwing random Diamondbacks at the board, and seeing what sticks! You will also be forgiven for wincing, when you look at some of the defensive butchers to have taken the field there. If you can name more than twenty, that’s actually doing quite well, I’d say.

Quiz is below, or here’s the link if you’re on mobile.