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Diamondbacks 4, Dodgers 7: Beatings will continue...

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I may run out of Hieronymus Bosch paintings depicting hell by the end of spring training, at this rate.

Musicians’ Hell, detail from the Garden of Earthly Delights, by Hieronymus Bosch (ca 1450-1516). (Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images) Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images

Record 2-5. Change on 2019: -2.5.

At least the margins of defeat are getting smaller. From the 3-16 drubbing against the A’s on Wednesday, the Diamondbacks have “improved” to losing by 8, 4, and now 3 runs. But having been outscored 37-9 over the four-game losing streak, I’m not taking much solace on that. This one wasted little time in getting out of hand, Taylor Clarke allowing three runs in each of the first and second innings. He ended up allowing seven hits over 2.2 frames, and was charged with six runs, all earned. Clarke did strike out three and walked none, but Arizona found themselves looking at a 6-0 deficit pretty quickly, and Taylor has an 18.69 ERA through his first two outings.

On the plus side, they did outscore the Dodgers 4-1 the rest of the way. The B-pitchers who followed Clarke did a pretty good job the rest of the way, holding Los Angeles to one run over 5.1 innings, on five hits and two walks with five strikeouts. Keury Mella probably had the best line, retiring all three batters he faced in a clean fourth inning, with a strikeout. But the Dodgers did seem to have no hesitation on running against Daulton Varsho, taking three bases on him, and getting a fourth on a play where Varsho was charged with a throwing error down to second-base.

Jon Jay opened with a lead-off double, but was stranded at third, and that was the only hit the Diamondbacks would manage until the fifth inning. They had plenty of chances - indeed, they had more ABs with runners in scoring position than the Dodgers. But they went 1-for-12 in those situations, that hit coming on an RBI single by Eduardo Escobar in the sixth. Trayce Thompson hit his first home-run of the year (below), a two-run shot when Arizona were down to their final out. Andy Young had a pair of hits, and Varsho walked and singled.

The team stays on the west side of town tomorrow, taking on the Cleveland Indians in Goodyear. Mrs. SnakePit and I will be going to that one, and then dinner, so the recap will be late. :)