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Saturday Sporcle: Starting pitchers of the Diamondbacks Decade

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Get a coffee. And a sandwich...

Atlanta Braves v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Last time, we asked you to provide the starting right fielders, and 110 of you were up for the challenge. The average result was 36%, with one person managing to nail all 37 players. Well done to you. Now, get out of the house. :) Justin Upton was the best-known, named by over 95% of participants, with David Peralta and Gerardo Parra rounding out the top three, both getting enshrined in the Sporcle Hall of Fame by being named on over three-quarters of attempts. I’m startled that 30.9% of you correctly remembered Brett Jackson’s one start, and total of five PA, in 2014. Oh, hang on. You expected it to be Conor Jackson, didn’t you? Least well-known was Mike Freeman, whom only three of you got.

This is definitely the largest so far, though I think the one remaining will probably be bigger still. There have been 58 starting pitchers used over the course of the last decade, though that’s actually fewer than I was expecting. It’s less than six different ones a year, though of course, some were present for multiple years. But it’s still not easy. So, as a bonus hint for this one, I’ve also added the seasons in which they played for the D-backs. Note: they might have been a reliever in some of those years. But it should hopefully get you going in the right direction, especially when it comes to the nineteen men who started less than a handful of games for Arizona.

As usual, last names only are fine. Well, except in the case of the pitcher pictured, where you should enter “Rosa”. I’m sure there’s a way to fix that, somewhere in Sporcle, but I’m operating on far less sleep than I should be, having been out to see Voltaire last night. I’m sure you’ll cope. Aim for 50%? Quiz is below, or here if you’re on mobile.