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Snake Bytes 2/26: Dodgers Snakebitten

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Jon Duplantier came out swaggering and shut down the Dodgers in his spring debut. Meanwhile, the Diamondbacks’ offense went to work on Dodger pitching.

Oakland Athletics v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Diamondbacks News

Arizona 7, Los Angeles 3

Jon Duplantier looked good in his spring debut, keeping the Dodgers in check for two innings. At the plate, Cole Calhoun had himself a good day, going 2-for-2 with a walk and 2 RBI. The Dodgers did all of their scoring in the fourth, slapping around non-roster invitee, Matt Grace. A.J. Pollock delivered the big hit, a two-run home run.

Players Working Smarter, Not Harder

Arizona’s coaching staff has been paying close attention to player workload this spring. The focus is on putting in the right amount of work and getting the most out of it instead of simply putting in more work.

Ahmeds Share Dugout, Duplantier Shines

For the first time since high school, brothers Nick and Matt Ahmed shared the same jersey and dugout on Tuesday.

Duplantier Finding Comfort in Spring

During the 2019 season, Jon Duplantier bounced around all over the place, spending time as both a starter and a reliever in both AAA and the Majors. He also spent time on the IL. This offseason, Duplantier embraced a new, strenuous workout program. Now, the former top prospect is prepared to show he belongs in the starting rotation, even though he will almost certainly begin the season in Reno again.

Around Baseball

Can Cleveland Afford to Keep Francisco Lindor?

Francisco Lindor is well on his way to earning himself a superstar contract. Can Cleveland afford to keep him without hurting their ability to compete financially at other positions? It is Boston parting with Mookie Betts and Cleveland being forced into decisions like this that is going to feed the MLBPA’s ire when the next CBA talks get underway.

Yankees to Look In-House for Sevy Replacement

With Luis Severino now set to miss the entire 2020 season due to Tommy John surgery. the Yankees are preparing to look in-house for a rotation replacement. They have a number of different arms to choose from.

Dodgers Roster Considered Deepest in Majors

The Dodgers rank in the top-10 at each position, including rotation and bullpen. This would explain why they continue to be looked at as the prohibitive favorites to win the National League pennant.