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Brute Squad/SnakePit Spring Training meet-up 3/3, 6:05 p.m. @ Surprise Stadium

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Join us in the far north-west valley for an $8 spring training game

Form a Brute Squad for the March 3rd Tuesday NIGHT GAME at Surprise Stadium. Diamondbacks vs Royals at 6:05 p.m. We have luxury lawn seats already on order as a group. However, utilize the links below to purchase the ticket of your choice in any section - though we request you join us in the lawn, tickets there are just $8 each.

In addition to the many Diamondbacks you just cannot wait to see, the Royals have a few former Diamondbacks as well: Ian Kennedy, Gabe Speier, Brad Keller, Greg Holland, and Braden Shipley, all of which will likely be on display or trying out for a roster spot.

We can discuss in the comments a pre-game spot for drinks and food so please make a suggestion. Otherwise, see you at the game!