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Spring Gameday Thread, #1: Diamondbacks vs. Athletics

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Looking a bit more promising than yesterday, shall we say!

Colorado Rockies v. Arizona Diamondbacks
  1. Jon Jay, CF
  2. Ketel Marte, 2B
  3. Kole Calhoun, RF
  4. Kevin Cron, 1B
  5. Jake Lamb, 3B
  6. Nick Ahmed, SS
  7. Tim Locastro, LF
  8. Carson Kelly, C
  9. Wyatt Mathisen, DH
    + Robbie Ray, P

I’m trying to think of the last time that the Diamondbacks opened their Cactus League schedule against anyone else other than the Rockies. Sure it has been a while, though my interest in the question is so low-key I can’t be bothered to start scouring the back catalog of spring training schedules! But that’s what we have this year, courtesy of the scheduled opener yesterday being rained out, in no uncertain manner [At Sky Harbor, they had more than twice the previous record rainfall for the day]. But looking out the window as I write this, things are looking considerably better - it’s as if yesterday never happened - and we’re set fair for baseball, hooray!

Not a bad opening line-up for the Diamondbacks, though I imagine most of the starters will be gone after the fifth inning, and we’ll be playing a game of Baseball Bingo with the numbers, No television, but the game is on the radio, Arizona Sports 98.7 FM, so you can tune in there for your first experience of D-backs baseball this year, or follow along with us on this thread.