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Snake Bytes 2/19: Can We Start Playing Yet?

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Everyone knew that the sign stealing scandal would be the talk of the opening days of spring training. I don’t think anyone envisioned all parties on both sides handling the issue so poorly that it remains almost the only topic of baseball discussion.

Manfred Addresses the Continuing Controversy

Seriously, crisis management is not Rob Manfred’s strong suit. He would probably be better off just keeping his mouth shut.

The Most Eagerly Anticipated Pitches of 2020
These pitches from some of baseball’s best hurlers are poised to generate plenty of excitement in 2020.

Machado: “They’re still afraid of me.”

In other news of people who should probably think twice before speaking, Manny Machado has arrived to spring training in full swagger mode.

30 Players Poised for 2020 Breakout

One player from each team was identified to be in line for a breakout season in 2020. Luke Weaver makes the list for the Diamondbacks, though I question the idea that anyone should expect 150+ innings out of him this season.

Red Sox, Padres Talking Wil Myers Swap

Who the Padres would get in return, or if this will be a two or three team deal is all still up in the air. However, it seems that Boston and San Diego have been burning the midnight oil on a deal that would send Wil Myers and prospects to the Red Sox.

Bock Holt Signs with Milwaukee

The super-utility Holt will join the Brewers, who have been busily acquiring a plethora of infielders this winter.