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Saturday Sporcle: Center fielders of the Diamondbacks Decade

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A.J. Pollock. And, then...

Colorado Rockies v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

As usual, let’s review results from last week. 155 played, with an average score of just 23%. One person got all 49 starters at LF - if that was without any kind of reference work, an outstanding achievement. They were also the only person to remember that Kyle Jensen started as many as three games for the Diamondbacks in left. Jamie Romak and Patrick Kivlehan were also all but forgotten, though 29% did remember Christian Walker’s solo start there. Or, more likely, were typing in random D-backs as suggested. Most remembered? David Peralta was recalled by everyone, then a long way back, Yasmany Tomas and Alfredo Marte. Though I think for the latter, people might have meant the other Marte... :)

Moving on to center field, there is considerably fewer variation, with only 23 names to remember at center, so less than half those from the left-field slot. Two of those did start only once, and one of those was enough of a surprise that I had to look up the actual game played to make sure there wasn’t a database glitch. Not only did the player concerned start in center, he was flanked by Yasmany Tomas and Brandon Drury. I can only conclude this line-up was some kind of performance art piece by manager at the time, Chip Hale.

Here’s the quiz, or the link for those on mobile. Target this time is double digits.