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D-backs pitchers and catchers have first workout

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Gentle stretching! Moving about! Some throwing!

MLB: Colorado Rockies-Workouots Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Our long, national nightmare of a winter populated by the NFL and NBA is finally over! Baseball is back. Well, for some extremely loose definition of “back,” but compared to the miserable excuses for seasons offered up by the Suns and Cardinals, this is already an improvement. Technically, pitchers and catchers “reported” yesterday, but that could just mean a phone-call to let the team know they were in town. Today actually sees the first workouts for them at Salt River Fields. Obviously, no-one is going to be going at full bore out of the gate, but it’s the first (semi-)meaningful action as we head towards Opening Day of the 2020 season.

Sadly, I’m stuck at work like most of you. But I’ve been able to experience the first action vicariously, through the miracle of Twitter. Below, find a selection of key Tweets, highlighting the early action, as well as a name change for a certain non-roster invitee this spring!