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Saturday Sporcle: Third-basemen of the Diamondbacks Decade

Jake Lamb. And, then...

San Diego Padres v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

125 brave souls took last week’s shortstop quiz. The average score there was 40%, so if you did better than that - well done! Congratulations to the two brave souls who were able to nail all 18 shortstops of the decade in Arizona. Mind you, there were also two who could name only one... The most well-known choice was Nick Ahmed, correctly remembered by 122 of the 125 players. And the award for most forgotten shortstop goes to... Cody Ransom, who was listed by only eight participants.

On to third-base, and I was startled to see how many players the team had used there. 35 all told, started one or more games for the Diamondbacks at the hot-corner over the course of the decade. Five only did so once, with median number of games being 14. I think your best bet may well be to list off any infielder who you remember, because there’s a good chance of them having played third at some point! Oh, and there’s a special 2-for-1 on one surname. Below is the quiz, or here’s the usual link, and as ever, last names only are fine. Let us know how you did in the comments, along with the greatest hits and misses.