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Snake Bytes: 12/5 - The Calm Before the Storm?

After nearly six weeks of mostly dead space, the winter meetings are set to kick off tomorrow, albeit in virtual fashion.

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Valley Q Scores

Ranking the valley’s top-25 spots figures. It might be saying a bit of something about the current state of the Diamondbacks that only two representatives from the valley’s MLB franchise make the list, and one of them isn’t even a player. The other, Madison Bumgarner, came in at #18, and is, for the most part, still a new, underperforming arrival.

Rangers Hire Chris Young as GM

While this is a familiar name alert, it is not an old friend alert. No, this Chris Young is the well-travelled former pitcher and graduate of Princeton University. Young has his work cut out for him. His challenge, bring a winning team to Arlington, where they have not had a winning season since 2016, while also making deep cuts to payroll. Good luck, Mr. Young!

11 Underrated Free Agents

While the news above was merely familiar name alert, this one actually is an old friend alert. Those who have been watching Arizona baseball for the past five seasons might just be shocked to see that Jake Lamb has, somehow, made his way onto what is supposed to be a credible list of underrated players. I guess if teams buy into his 143 OPS+ across 13 games and 45 AB which he posted in Oakland, it makes some sense - but not much.

The Phillies Failed Tanking: A Cautionary Tale

Five years into the process, the team is older, just as expensive, is watching all of its stars reach free agency, and has one of the worst farms systems in the game. Also, the GM has left, leaving the team with no pilot for the ship as the winter meetings prepare to kick off in less than 12 hours.

Uncertainty is Forcing Players, Teams to Rethink Arbitration (The Athletic)

Plenty of players and teams have been negotiating new deals to avoid the arbitration process this year. The three member arbitration panel is commonly made up of people with little baseball savvy. Meanwhile, they are going to be asked to make a judgement for a 162-game season based largely on performance across the pandemic riddled 60-game season. This is not the recipe for success that either side is intered in putting their faith in.