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Snake Bytes: 12/30 - The End is Nigh

The year cannot come to a close fast enough for the Diamondbacks, as the future outlook just keeps getting grimmer.

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Phillies, Rays, Dodgers Make Three-Team Deal

The Tampa Bay Rays continue to make changes. After dealing Blake Snell to the San Diego Padres earlier this week, they have now made another trade. The Rays have sent yet another of their starting pitchers, this one left-hander Jose Alvarado , to the Philadelphia Phillies. In exchange, the Rays are receiving minor league first baseman, Dillon Paulson and a player to be named later or cash from the Dodgers. The Phillies are sending left-handed minor league starter Garrett Cleavinger to the Dodgers as their part of the three-way deal.

Padres Acquire Yu Darvish, Victor Caratini

The Padres have finally addressed that glaring hole at backup catcher that has been keeping the team from taking the next step forward for the last seven season. Oh, and they also picked up a new for their pitching staff, because Blake Snell just wasn’t going to cut it.

Padres Go All-In While Cubs Give In

It is easy to get excited for the Padres after the moves they have made over the course of the last week. In Chicago, things are a bit grimmer. The Cubs made decent efforts to return to the World Series in 2017 and 2018, but were unable to repeat the success of the 2016 season. They then spent 2019 and 2020 allowing the talented core to simply flounder a bit and are now selling off the team to cut costs. It is difficult watching a big money team like the Cubs focus more on cutting costs than wining. But, now that they have finally won it all, that is exactly where they are.

MLB’s Top-10 Rotations

Assuming health is on their side, the San Diego Padres have vaulted themselves to the top of the starting pitching table. What will surprise absolutely no one is that the Diamondbacks do not make the list, even as honourable mentions.

MLB’s Top-10 Bloopers of 2020

It feels somehow fitting that, after failing to make the above list, the Diamondbacks have not one, but two, entries on this list.